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Our Quirky Story

It all started in the early part of 2019 with the realization, and belief that there had to be a better way. Quirky Leaf founders, healthcare professionals with decades of experience, looked at the state of pain management in our society, quality of life standards, along with the current opioid crisis and knew there had to be a better, healthier way. By choosing a more holistic, homeopathic approach to life, healthier living and a much better quality of life was attainable. As they began to explore these holistic options to help bring change to people in need throughout their community, a newly emerging revolution, known as CBD, piqued their interest. The benefits of CBD were so extensive and the scope so wide, the answer was clear. What a quirky little plant that could change people’s lives, thus Quirky Leaf was born. Quirky Leaf is more than a store or retail outlet, it is a platform that brings people together to help change lives. We provide education, and enrichment, as well as a broad range of CBD and homeopathic supplements that allow the customers who trust us to be who they were meant to be.