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PM Night Capsules

SKU 400000002309
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Product Details

CBDfx Night Capsules, also packed with 900mg of CBD, help you get a good night’s sleep with no groggy hangover. Our special blend of CBD, other important minor cannabinoids, and CBN—known for its potent calming properties—is combined with a curated blend of terpenes specifically selected for their relaxation qualities. When coupled with Valerian Root, GABA and Magnesium, it is non-habit forming and can be taken night after night with no negative long-term effects.

Why Choose CBDfx Morning & Night Capsules?

• Available in 60ct bottles with 900mg potency
• More than CBD—formulated with wellness-boosting Curcumin (Night) to work in tandem with the health benefits of CBD
• Complementary formulas deliver round-the-clock benefits
• Always 100% vegan, PETA certified and made from high quality, organically grown broad spectrum hemp oil that is batch tested for guaranteed purity
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